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R62A 1991

A Few from Queens Blvd

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Final weekend in NY for me. Final official railfan of an R42 (probably) for me for the summer. Well, I can say that I do in fact remember riding each of the car classes that are to be retired (I don't remember any of my rides with the Redbirds). I'm happy with that. Here's some highlights from today. More leaned toward the videos today than the pictures.


That is an R62 with a blue seat. I wasn't under the impression they had them. Sorry that sneaked in with the set. Anyway...



Nice mis-matched tile at 36th St. R160A/B (E) at 36th St:


R42 (R) through 60th St (with a little girl next to me...it's sad they won't be able to see through the window soon...)


R42 (R) train via Queens Bl EXP (the EXPRESS part starts at 5 minutes)


At Forest Hills:





Still don't have that program to 34th St-6th Av, and this G.O. is going to go on for a while, right?



Switching the (E)/(F) and the (R) on the Manhattan-bound platform=extreme confusion. But, regardless, everything was running local.


And my official 150th video on Youtube, a dirty RFW ride over the Manny B:


So, with that done, I had a great time today on my final railfanning weekend before leaving, and had good rides on the R42s, because I may not be back before they are gone. I had a great August too, a full ride on the R32 (A) end-to-end, a ride on the R40M before they left without a trace, and the R42s above. I don't have anymore plans to railfan before I leave, so that's it for me. Hope you enjoyed!

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Great shots! Thanks for sharing your adventures for the summer here and see you when you get back.

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I love riding on the South Side of the Manhattan Bridge over the north side. Excellent touches. That E and QBL Local GO definitely drove me nuts that day, while traveling to/from the US Open.

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