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What Would You Think Of An (F) Express?

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What would you think of a new (F) express in Brooklyn including reusing the express tunnel to triangulate between Seventh Avenue and Church Avenue and do you think Church Avenue or possibly Kings Highway (with peak direction express service to/from Church Avenue) would be good as a terminal?


The (V) currently terminates at Second Avenue-Lower East Side. Extending it (at least during rush hours) to either Church Avenue or Kings Highway might actually benefit the (V) and it would provide a one seat ride from the local stops since it would serve the same stops as the (F) from Jay Street-Borough Hall to 47th-50th Streets Rockerfeller Center.


I'm not thinking now but possibly after we get through with the Culver Viaduct rehab and the recession eases.

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This topic has been discussed to the point that flame wars erupt. Sorry but I will have to close this topic down. Use the forum search to look for previous topics if you are really interested in the views of the forum members.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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