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Flxibles, MCIs, and whats this? A NABI?


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I was downtown yesterday looking for a New NABI since someone had posted on another forum 2 days ago that Washington Township Had Just recieved a fresh batch, so here are my pics from then ;)












and an MCI:





and heres the NABI cool bus ;)





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Where is Washington township?


I think the routes now served by RTS and flexible at newark need to be replaced asap by the NABI. Those things break down so often, and the ride on the RTS is horrible. :cry:


- A

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Well, washington township is in Turnersville...


I dunno about the Newark RTSs because i haven't ridden on them... but i'm pretty sure that the Flxibles are aging BIGTIME. the ones in Newtown Ave need to go TODAY! the destination signs just barely work

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Nice stuff of the NJT Busses from the hometown of the CheeseSteak. And I think I saw that Nabi before and it looks cuter in the photo, :)!

thanks :) I live with the cheesesteaks, and stay for the pretzels :(

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