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N.Y.C. Streets With Both An El And A Bus Route

EE Broadway Local

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In The Bronx:


1. Southern Blvd from Westchester Avenue, to 174st. The 2 and 5 runs on top, the Bx19 on the bottom.


2. Westchester Avenue where the Bx4 and the 2 and 5 run together from Brook Avenue, to Southern Blvd, then the Bx4 a few blocks east run with the 6 train from Whitlock Ave, to Westchester Square (Tremont Ave.)


3. The Bx32 runs under the 4 train for a good distance


4. The Bx39 runs under the 2 train from just s/e of the Bronx Zoo to Gun Hill Rd, then the Bx41 runs under the 2 train until 238st/Nereid Ave.


5. The Bx9 runs under the 1 train from 242st to 225st.


6. Even though not an el, the Bx1 and 2 runs down the Grand Concourse with the B and D trains.


On the Bx19 it's quiet under the L until 9a.m. when the old who can't use the train bombard the bus.


On the Concourse we get loaded regardless. Why is because people have their overgrown kids that they would have to pay for on the train with them, but they refuse to pay for them on the bus.

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The Q112 and the A train on Liberty Avenue.


The Q56 and the J train on Jamaica Avenue.


The Q54 and the M train on Myrtle Avenue.


The Bx7 and the Bx20 also run under the 1 train on Broadway.


Thge M4 and the M104 run beside the 1 train on Broadway.

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