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SMEE R32/R42 or R160


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Its all about SMEE R32/R42 OTT VS. the R160 NTT ;)

[OTT= Old Technology Train and NTT = New Technology Train]


This is not intended for flaming or anything! So Please do not make any arguments who likes what or this and that! RESPECT please.


If you were to PICK ether SMEE[R32/42] or the R160! Which would you pick?! 1 ONLY, excluding the R32/42s, which is marked SMEE!




I wanna just see how many people are into SMEE OTT which are expected to be retired next yr compared to people who like R160s, same back and forth I respect what you choice but think about it before u choice =)




So what would you pick? The cars thats retiring soon[R32/R42] or the ones who are coming in and still are R160s!


Id Pick R32/42! Why? I grow thru them, well during its middle age of the 90s :ps and I'm sad that they are going! R32s especially, these are like the BROTHER versions of the Redbirds while they are the sisters!. I'm gonna miss em a lot. Ill miss the RFW too! Love looking thru those storm doors especially outside! Ill miss the good old days!

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R160As FTW! They are definitely the quietess and smoothest of the B division 60 ft trains.


they are good, but for the HVACs they are not as quiet, but compared to the R142 yes.

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When did the (N) ever used R-42's? I thought they only used R-32's and Slants in the past!


I think he means during or before GOH, since it ranned it i think. Dont remember assignments..

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How many ways shapes forms and wordings is this topic going to be brought up?


lol.. Well i dont want people missing anything...Plus was in a rush for sumin, next time ill go easy on it..


anyways bk on topic.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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