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Six Flags

553 Bridgeton

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Had a good day there on the 5th. Was a great day to be there and see all the pretty females l0l.


I went to ride Kingda Ka and that ride is insanly good. 128/mph in 3.5 seconds is great for a quick thrill. I stayed allday 11am-10pm . Went on Kingda Ka 4 times in a row when we 1st got there. Then went on it before we left. At nite is much better to ride it.


El Toro, the wooden coaster is a must ride. It never slows down and the 1st 2 drops are crazy, and if you dnt hold your headback you will have neck pain later on during the day. Then we went on Nitro; this is must ride if you really want to feel weightless. We went on all of the coasters there.


Enjoy the pics!



El Toro and Kingda Ka



Kingda Ka



After looking at this pic, its like what the hell, i really did that.:eek:









Poor tiger trapped lol





Poor turtles look sad



Kingda Ka at nite.

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Lol. Its really not as bad as it looks. The only thing that gets you is when it takes off and going down. Going up is the best part of it to me.


I'm still not getting on Kingda Ka....you'll have drug me to get me on that ride lol. Did you get on the ex-Medusa which is now Superman Bizarro? I'm shocked to see the turtles look quiet...last year when I went they was doing it lol!

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Lol, maybe we'll do just that, kidding. But still, even I rode Kingda Ka and just a few years earlier I used to be afraid of stuff like even Batman the ride. The launch is a rush and the mad airtime you get coming down the tower. It's like getting drugged up on caffine without the caffine ;)


Excellent pics Bridgeton! Glad you not only took very nice pics of the rides, but also rode them. Riding all of them is wonderful. I almost had a day like that except last year it was EL Toro that was down. My favorite there is Nitro hands down.

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