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Rush hour service cut on N22!

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I got a new N22 schedule today, and it appears the added night and weekend service comes at the expense of rush hour service.

Now the leg of the N22 between Hicksville and Westbury gets very crowded in rush hours. Well, under the old schedule, there were buses departing Hicksville at 5:02pm, 5:22pm, 5:38pm, 6:02pm*, 6:29pm, and 6:55pm*.

* denotes short run to Mineola

That was 6 buses between 5 and 7pm.

Now all run to Jamaica, but it has been reduced to only 4 buses between 5 and 7pm.

The new schedule has buses leaving Hicksville at 5:12pm, 5:36pm, 6:06pm, and 6:45pm.

4 buses, that's it. And they are more crowded than ever. I thought by providing more even headways the N22 would get 20 min rush hour service, but I guess not. Pretty odd considering the N22 services New cassel, one of the poorest areas in Nassau. Even odder is that there are 20 min headways leaving Hicksville BEFORE rush hour.

In the other direction, going east from Roosevelt Field, they made regular 20 min intervals. But I saw them packed going that way too, N22 really needs every 15 minutes in rush hours. This could be done by extending the N22A to Hicksville.

Either way, the N22 is still a route to avoid in rush hours. And it'll be that much more crowded.

Folks going from Hicksville to Westbury are better off taking the LIRR at 5:27pm or 6:47pm, at least you'll have some breathing room.

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yeah, I know the horrors of that route around that time.... four runs on the 22 during the PM rush is very low.... I don't see why they can't have short turn/short run 22's travel from Hicksville to Mineola...

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