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First To Catch The Designline On.....

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Caught it out of luck, I was walking up Broadway with my dad and it came. I was sure this wasnt an NG cause the front smaller.


Cool! Anytime you get something out of the blue without having to wait more than 20-30 min for is always excellent.

Much as I'd like to get a scoop on something, I'm not waiting an hour or such for it, but that's just me. :P

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lucked out & boarded 1302 this afternoon.... around 12:45pm... heading towards South Ferry...


I went to domino's over on 23rd/7th for lunch.... was going to take the 1 train back to work, but as soon as I turned around, the bus just pulled in front of the stop (the 7th av stop just so happens to be right in front of said domino's)... although it meant a longer walk from where the M6 would leave me, I (still) figured what the hell, and boarded it.... this is my first time seeing (in person), and riding the bus.... the design isn't all too bad looking @ it up close & personal.... but those plastic straphangers... they gots to go... if someone is holding one at an angle as the bus is in motion, those things are gonna snap....


anyway, to me, it doesn't feel like a "futurized RTS".... one thing I will say though, the back of the bus (the outside of the bus) is too plain...

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