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passiveVid for videos


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If a user copies and pastes a URL that links to a video streaming service (such as youtube) the mod will automatically take the URL and convert it into an embedded form directly in the post itself. Users can now play the videos directly from the thread! In other words:



Currently it works with eleven video services:

  1. YouTube
  2. Google Video
  3. MySpace Video
  4. MetaCafe Video
  5. Yahoo Video v1.0.1
  6. Koreus Video v1.0.1
  7. Sapo Video v1.0.1
  8. video.google.co.uk v1.0.2
  9. Live Leak v1.0.2
  10. Photobucket v1.0.3
  11. Gametrailers v1.0.3

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