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No Contract No Peace


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[float=right]rally2_ltr_fireweb_web_0.gif[/float]Let's answer Bloomberg and the MTA's bullying and discrimination • Stand Up for Equal Rights and Justice!


Morning picket outside MTA Headquarters: September 23 at 8am


Rally: September 29 4:30pm to 7pm


All titles, All divisions, All roads lead to: MTA Headquarters, 44th Street and Madison Ave.


Stay tuned: 1st ‘Day of Outrage’, Wed October 14th Transit Wide Protest


Lets Rock 'n' Roll. Give them a taste of Hell!




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I have an answer for Bloomberg. You don't run this agency. It is not a City of New York agency, it is a State Of New york agency. Mind your business, Touche Turtle. This is state matter, not city matters.........


As for MTA, how do you like being told you wasted millions on contractors, for work your own departments could have done. I hope the judge reads that stuff, and tells MTA, "you have money to waste on outsiders, but can't pay your workforce, what they deserve. Find a way, cause you pay them".........

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considering the facts that

1. he selects 1/2 the votes on the MTA board

2. the City owns the subway (and I've heard tell he has the right to void the TA's lease on one year notice)

3. he'll have to answer to 8 million people if anything happens



I'd say it is his problem.


void the lease....as in shut them down?

Thats a helluvalot of abandoned stations

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