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COLTS - Scranton New Livery


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The COLTS System in Scranton, PA is 100% Gillig, and although their livery isn't too bad I find it pretty unimaginative or distinctive. Here's two recent photos of the standard livery they've apparently had for awhile. I find the stripes basic and overdone, but the colors do actually have a purpose. The blue striping is a system color and continues into their brochures, office etc. But some of the vehicles have an orange stripe and some have a green (which matches the color of the word Colts in the logo on the vehicle). I'm not sure if that is to indicate anything about the vehicle, but the three colors together match a county wide "beautification" campaign many years ago that painted murals on overpasses and tunnels in bright pastels and a Lackawanna County Logo (Lackawanna Wonderful) with some sort of swirl graphic. If you've been to the area you've undoubtedly seen them

If you'll notice, all of the vehicles have a Lackawanna County Banner where alot of sytems have an American Flag.



Blue Wireless Ad Wrap


Blue Cross Ad Wrap


I'm sad to say that we do have one of those glorious tourist trolleys. At least we're in a town that actually had trolleys though, has a trolley museum and a marker indicating that we had the first electric trolley (I think, I really don't know what it says).


And the coup de grace are the quick images I got last night of what I believe is the only vehicle with the new livery scheme (and the only new vehicle they seem to have)



As you'll notice, no county logo or flag opting for the modern tradition of having a long name spelled out above the drip edge. And they dropped the orange and/or fluorescent green for just simply the blue/green basic color which makes sense.



I both think this is a major improvement on the livery from the early 90's and could tear it apart.

Scranton is not an innovative city, so I'll let slide the "Lackawanna County" wording on the roof which is a design element going through systems like wildfire (when they're afraid to copy LA's metro graphics). Obviously, I'm not happy that they stole the rest of their paint scheme from an RV the head of the system probably had to sell last year because of the depression, but I really do like the fact that they chose the taupe and brown rather than copying the silver/grey of everyone's new BRT vehicles. I think it's a good alternative that achieves the same goals but does it with a twist. As you can see from the photo, alot of the buildings downtown are faced with stone and they all have brown hues to them, so I think it fits in well with the landscape of both downtown and blends with a background of trees as well. It's distinctive because it's new, but it will then blend in nicely in a year or two when all the vehicles have the scheme.

BTW, they don't seem to be repainting any old ones yet.

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