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R32 3838

R32 Photos on their 45th year in service 9/9/2009

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My way of celebrating The 45th annerversary of My top favorite subway cars is to take them on every line that they currently serve here's My Photo's:





3354, The Lowest Numbered pair running that was apart of the 1st 8 car train to run to Grand Central:






R32 3650 1st R32A Pair, Mismated to 3767,3651 was scrapped:





Pics of this Car on the (R) from 9/6/2009:



The Highest Numberd Pair running on 9/9/2009 3933,3938/39 is on the garbage Train:



And some Other Photo's:



Please Don't Reply yet More Photo's Coming!!!!!

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Now Lets get to the Highest Numberd Pair still In service, I took these Photo's in August, They are currently doing Garbage Work but Will return to service shortly Here's some nice Sunset Photo's of 3938/39:






And A Bonus 3405:



And some Photo's from the Past:

The Last time I would see an R32 (E) in this station 6/22/2009 3923:



R32 (G) train from January:




And R32 3837 on the (F) 12/22/2008:



That's All Now You Can Reply!!!


Brighton Photo's coming this weekend!!!!!

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Sweet! If only the R32s can run for another 45 years....

Thanks for sharing these with us man. :tup:

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I see you happen to get R3 3405. I have tht same car numbr in ne of my videos I took and posted here in this forum, that's a good catc of 3405, like my video of that same car as a (C)-Line train while you got it while as an (A)-Line Train. What a coincidence

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