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Norfolk Southern's F-units


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After a little debate I decided these belong here, last week in Scranton I had another encounter with my favorite units;Two of Norfolk Southern's beautiful F9A and F7B units. They spent the weekend in a bad spot but I had gotten a tip as to when they would be leaving, so I made sure to be down there to get some shots of them waiting for pick up after most of the crowds had left and the place had closed. Most shots I have of these units are on film and scans don't look good so these are some of my first digital shots of them. I hope you enjoy!
















Once again enjoy!

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Excellent shots as usual.


I was across the street from Steamtown last weekend at the Martz Terminal; the fiance and I went on a train excursion in the Catskills, that we had to get to by bus.




It was a great event, I'll start a thread later of the weekends activities.


She looks beautiful indeed. The F units were really great to see in regular service back then. Thanks for sharing! :tup:


Thanks Harry! Its always great seeing classic units like these in service on a class 1.




By the way, it looks like that B unit is in slightly better shape, i wonder if it just has not seen as much action.


- A


Thanks Andy! They had a heck of a trip getting there from Altoona so I'm sure it took a beating on the way there.

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