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R42 F


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You already realized it was a R62, and signed up as (F)


There were (F)s on Both side of the platform..

The trains actually look clean on the outside..

There were almost all good looking white people on the train..

Who could dance & sing without, wearing ipods..

How much more fantasy stuff do you need to tell you it was recorded on a set & not live?


In TV land, anything is possible!! B)



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It was a poster of the FIND. It would've been crazy if it was some frankenstein train. A R42/R62A/R160 hybrid lol...


...The R4262A160 lmao!!!


That's what I meant, a FIND poster, basically. The sad part was that even the destination signs were set up the wrong way! The northern terminal said Coney Island, and the southern one said Rockefeller Center!

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The thing that kinda dumb though about the FIND in there though is that is says the F is the Rockefeller Express.


The 42nd St GCT platform was supposed to be the 42nd Street Bryant Park Platform, which is why she ended up next stop at Rockefeller Center.

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