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What to do if you find a spam post or an offensive post?


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You report that spam or offensive post. The person being reported will not know that you reported their post so do not hesistate to report a spam or offensive post.


I am finding that many people don't know how, or don't even know they have the ability to report a post to the entire mod team with very simple press of a button.


We wish to keep this forum as clean and spam free as possible. However, the forum is big enough that we cannot read every thread, and therefore miss things.


What qualifies as a spam post?


Most of the time spam posts are pretty obvious. Someone might join with the name FREE_VIAGRA562, and then proceed to post a thread with nothing but links to sites where he tries to sell you stuff.


Sometimes it's hard for even mods to decide if something is spam. So, if you are EVER in doubt, and think it might be spam, please report it, and we will decide.


What qualifies as an offensive post?


We do our best to keep things civil among the forums so we can enjoy a pleasant environment. But like it or not, there are thousands of members here, and there are bound to be conflicts now and then. Unfortunately, those conflicts occasionally get out of hand. Again, mods do not always see these posts unless they are brought to our attention.


If you ever think a post or a thread is getting out of hand, or is completely uncalled for, feel free to report it and let the mods decide the best course of action.


How to report a post


You may not have ever really paid any attention to the report button, so you may not know that it's right there.


On every post other than yours, there will be the little '!' icon, as shown here: report.gif


Please do not abuse this feature as it intended to keep this forum civil.

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