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Weird Delivery


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At around 11PM on monday I saw the usual police escort leading to the R160 delivery but instead I saw blue silverish car body. I know it wasn't a M7A but isnt the M8 a red color? I also saw R160 9833 after that unknown car.

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y would it be in the Bronx? Unless its being brought to NYC or sumin?


They take a specified route based on restrictions and allowances.


For example, these cars:




I have photos & videos of them in my town...... and they are part of a korean transit system.....


It's probably going to go over the narrows bridge up to bayonne & that way since trucks are barred from the skyway.


- A

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I dont know how many sets path has of the PA5 but i know there are a few in there yard. Everytime I go by the yard there is always one or two sitting there. Sometimes there are some in the back or some are inside the shed. The numbers are going growing. 5619 was delievered via flatbed truck last week. These are some nice looking cars, kinda like a baby R160 but in blue.

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