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Pension system


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Is mta bus in the nycers system? thanks,b



I don't believe that it is, correct me if I am wrong MTA Bus people.

I did some research and found this.


MTA�s Regional Bus Legislation

Principal Labor Problems


The principal labor problems in the MTA�s draft new Regional Bus bill are virtually the same as those in last year�s re structuring bill:


1) New employees will not have civil service status;


2) New employees will not be in a public pension plan, like NYCERS, but will be placed in a newly created defined benefit plan, like the one the MaBSTOA employees have;

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MTA Bus is going to be like MaBSTOA where the pension plan is paid by the MTA and not NYCERS. Every way you look at it, there is no difference with civil and non-civil service in the MTA.


The difference is with non civil service you aren't protected by civil service law. You can be fired at any time for no reason.

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