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Family Guy ,your favorite clips


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If you watch family guy ,what are your favorites

one sticks out for when (S)tewie beats up brian cause he owed him money



Ha. Funny question. There are so many that stick out, but there are a few more than others:


When Stewie walks in on Brian dressed as Lois.


When Chester Cheetah snorts Cheetos while listen to Rush.


The Hummer clip where the badass driver is watching Madagascar.


Papa Gepetto bending over and trying to get Pinocchio to lie.

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-The clip where Stewie kicks the crap out of Brian.


-The entire Peter discovers he has black ancestry episode


-The Christmas episode scene where Lois sets Frosty the snowman on fire and pushes the guy off the bridge


-When Peter learns that chris has bigger junk than him and buys a huge car and drives it in and out of a tunnel only to get hit by a truck shrinking the front of his "penis car" as a bus full of chicks goes by and laughs


-Stewie going into Osama Bin Laden's cave and kicking the crap out of all of them

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