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Missing exit?


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I recently walked the passageway from the 7 Train platform at the Times Square station to the 8th Av. - 42nd street station. I vaguely remember that many years ago, at the top of the steep ramp before the level passageway, there used to be a stairway to the street which must have been somewhere on 41st street, west of 7th avenue?

At that time, the transfer was not free...the level portion of the passage was outside of the fare control zone of both stations.

My question is why did they close off that exit? (there's a news stand in its place now). Couldn't they have kept that as an unattended entrance/exit, or simply an exit?

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They closed that in the 90's. I remember it being boarded up for a while.

The closure seemed to be at least partly connected with construction going on in the area; both on that level, and on street level. It may have also been before the modern high wheel entrances were introduced, and they seemed to avoid installing new units of the previous kind that used tokens.


What we will be getting soon as a sort of replacement of that are the new exits on the east side of 8th Ave as part of the new 11 Times Square building (replacing that last empty lot), that is nearing completion). I know one exit will be on the corner of 42nd; I'm not sure about 41st, though it will help a lot in that you will no longer have to cross and go through the Port Authority terminal or 43rd St to get to the subway.

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