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Exclusive new sign on Bus Stop and MVM- LGA


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This is new Guide-A-Ride on 5th Av/84th, 80th Sts bus stop with new fare info if for local/express buses, well as you know.



On airport column



MetroCard Vending Machine at LGA Central Terminal- Tourists are not happy it only takes credit card.



On bus shelter.



Enjoy it!

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Awsome!, Does the Bee-Line have something like this? I dont remember..


regarding first pic!


anyways its about times, indtead of waiting to see it on the bus. Too bad they didnt list LTD and and Bx12 BRT too.. Since those are not local buses, if correct..

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Cool sign, I wonder if they'll be expanded to other locations.


I never knew the Express Bus fare was $5.50, I guess it went up with the other fare increases.


Yup its increased just like the Local buses

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