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Subway sound recordings


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haha I had BVE in mind back when I started this whole thing.. I mean I like to hear stops but I perfer the automated announcements.


speaking of that I was not fully awake this morning and I see I made a mistake for the Queens bound (E) I have penn station as 42nd when it should be 34th Street. :confused:


I think the G has the new trains right so I can do that today.

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The (G) doesn't have R160's yet. I think you should do the the rest of the (E), or the (F). And you also forgot Canal street on the (N). But damn man these recording are sweet.



hmm I thought at least on NYCsubway.org may of been a few on the (G) also lol looking at my map it is 42nd St penn Station I guess the lady was a little muffled :(


Ok and I stopped at 42nd St on the (E) because about that time it was around 12:30ish AM. So I will do the rest of the the (E) from that point forward and from Jamaica center back to 14th St

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I don't know what's up with the (E) and (F) but it took me near 30 min to move 3 stations.. so I never got any sounds from that.. I did get the (J) and lol right now as of 3:55 am I'm out here on the (A) at far rockaway I thought I was going to get something new but I should of known.

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guess what I wanted to get this done so I'm still out here on the (2) at jackson av because nature almost wanted to call on the train after 15 hours of riding... only one women asked me what I was doing because I never sat down then I told her what it was for and she was shocked when I told her how long I've been riding for.


and the rockaway station on the PA lol I kept playing it over and over and she does sound a little excited lol like she was trying not laugh.


also got two new voice sounds about not littering and give up your seat for the elderly.


leaving jackson av at 12pm

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haha I got funny looks when I read that eating subway. doh now everytime I hear that I can get a chuckle out of it ;) anyways I did the N and I used up my 4 sets of batteries in all I have about 4 hours worth of sounds I have to edit. I still have 69 hours free left :P


I guess I will head back home.. one thing however I got a text saying the E & F are running normal again? is that true?? I don't want to get stuck in that mess yesterday way too long to get where I needed to go.

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Can you try and get the "we're being held momentarily by the train dispatcher, please be patient" one?


lol I got like 10 of those... it was reallly really bad on the E yesterday.. just about every station we pulled up to we had to wait 5 min so they played it over and over..


you will see..


on the top of my head these are the messages I have


being held by train dispatcher, please be patient

behind held by train traffic, please be patient


Random MTA police bag search


Don't litter on subway


Don't ride between subway cars


give up seats for the elderly


Report odd things you see on train..



I might be forgetting another..


Speaking about those are they just played at random times or selected?




Matter of fact I already posted up the unsafe riding for between the cars and the MTA police thing.

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