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South Ferry and Hunterspoint LIC

Paul P

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Never found the time and I guess I'm not as interested in it. I kinda miss that loop station. I was there the last day the loop was open in March.

If I have some free time, I guess I'll go there eventually.


ill be honest, me 2. Seeing the (5) loop too. At least at NSF u get a gd and clear view of the 62as

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Awesome! Finally u load up your pics! The M7A with the (7) looks gd!

Thanks for the comment!

Very nice pics!

I still haven't been to the new SF station yet.

Thanks! I can tell you one thing: it smells a lot cleaner than the average subway station in New York!


nice pics! what new camera is that?

Thanks! That's would be a Canon Rebel T1i.


Beautiful photos especially the sunset 7s !

Thanks Bill, that picture was actually taken at 6am or something like that, so it qualifies as a sunrise picture! :( (I know it's really early, but I got in the city at like 12am so I decided to just cruise around for the nightlife!

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