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Leena (bean)

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So, about a year ago my sister brings home this puppy, and i think "oh no, trouble". She was absolutely adorable, snuggly, affectionate, and learned to climb up the stairs in our house the very first day she was here, which is a pretty big deal, since most of the dogs we've had took at least a few days to get it right. I made a deal with my sister that in exchange for dropping me off at trenton transit center (:septa:,(NJT):nec:) i'd spend time with her, let her out etc, i only had to clean her up after an "incident" once, which is pretty good, we took her everywhere, i often had her in my bed chewing on some toy or something while i watched tv or a movie etc. She was very smart, got things really quick but always playful and fun.


My nick name for her was "bean" because she was very lanky and skinny like a string bean, and she was called by many variations "beana" "beanaleena" etc, responding to all of them in stride.


Some photos from when she was ~2 months old: on a car trip for first vaccinations:







Wasn't she adorable?:)


I miss her a lot, my sister just broke down and couldnt move when she saw her near the side of the road. I'm crying now just thinking about it. I was asking 2 cycalists to keep an eye out etc, i turn around and my mom & sister (we were combing the woods by the road for any sign or clues) were stopped and i was like "oh i better get going" not realizing she had been found and that's why they had stopped. Me and liz's boyfriend picked her up gently and put her on a quilt after i cleared some of the vines for safer footing, and off she went to the vet for cremation.


Thank you everyone for your emotional support, this has been a huge blow to my family, and it will be a while before we can talk about it without welling up in tears.


- A

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I am so sorry Andy, I can't relate as to how much pain your in. At least I got to spend time with my dog before she died of cancer 3 years ago, I was able to give her one last hug and kiss. RIP Bean

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Sorry about your dog man. Sometimes, the bond between a human and a pet are stronger than between two people. :P

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