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Union to city: Open up your pockets


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I find it interesting the TWU is wasting time on this when TA is looking to cut jobs. This is why I stopped paying my Dues as of last month.


This is why I love the voluntary payment to the Union. We see them wasting time and resources we can make a statement. This is our ammo to make the Union work for us, not themselves. The fare being raised in really none of their business, but the MTA's and those who fund the system (NYC, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Fairfield, and New haven Counties.


The union does this for face to the public. They want to "LOOK" good and seem like themselves and the employees care about the public. That way when contract time comes, they figure the public will side with them. It's all BS politics. You need to get somewhere cheaply, we get you there........eventually. We don't have to like each other, but we need each other. Plain and simple. Saving jobs, and getting better treatment of rank and file employees should be what they focus on most of the time. This is what OUR union suppose to be for. For us, not the public. That is what Straphangers Campaign, and crooked politicians are for.

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We got lots of TA workers not paying dues thats why the Union is hurting and had to send some of thier officers back to operating trains because they can't afford to keep them on the Union Payroll.

I just don't like what I see Union and Management being too friendly too each other.

One issue I have right now is the Excape Mask Issue. All Train crews must replace their mask on thier own time at a central location. Those who don't have it in a few weeks will be removed from service. They are paying us 3 Hrs but I don't want it. Why do I have to do TA bussiness on my time? When they first issued us Mask we did go on our own time BUT they did it at locations that where close to were you work. In this case everyone has to go to Manhattan. Our Union seems to not have a problem with this. Just like they don't have a problem making all T/O's,C/R's,B/O's go to the terrorism training couse on thier own time but at least they doing it at varous locations so you don't have to traval too far from your work location.

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