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Best Local Bus Routes By Borough

EE Broadway Local

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(M)15 LTD (S)outh Ferry -125 (E) Harlem

uses Artics and goes through (L)(E)(S)


<Q>53 LTD Great bus to take to the (B)each (A)Rockaway


<Q>100 Rikers Isl -The only Bus that goes to jail heheeehe lol:)


<Q> 76 because it uses the back way in to get to college pt (Franny Lou)


<Q>66 this damn bus has (H)ot women all over the line and you make every damn stop there is on the route ahhh.


(M)(9) This short route goes through LES and back to Battery PK City very scenic .

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Now this is something I wanted to do lol so imma go by borough...



-B41: It cuts straight through Prospect Park sometimes going 45 mph, even on Flatbush Av

-B61: It goes through many nice neighborhoods, including Williamsburg & Red Hook. Also one of the few real long routes that still doesn't have a limited

-B103: a limited that feels like an express trip



-M16/34: the only 2 lines that have the buses announce the stop

-M60: I think its the ONLY Manhattan route to actually leave Manhattan



-Q35: Beautiful & speedy run to Rockaway Park

-Q44: The only non-Bronx line in the Bronx

-Q53: Another trip that feels like an express trip (see also B103). Plus great photo opportunites along Beach Channel Dr

-Q67: Pretty damn quiet trip. Plus it goes up "The Hill"

-Q100: The "Prison Express" lol



-Bx12 SBS: Do I have to explain


Staten Island

-S53/S79: A shortcut to Brooklyn without going into Manhattan first

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In Queens, almost every single local line has some segment that is good in some particular way...whether it is speed, transfers, bus models and whatnot.

I'll name a few of my particular favorites. You'll be surprised that some of the common lines are not listed on here: Q11 Q16 Q17 Q18 Q19 Q24 Q25 Q26 Q31 Q32 Q33 Q35 Q46 Q58 Q59 Q60 Q64 Q65 Q66 Q67 Q75 Q76 Q88 Q102 Q104 Q110 QBX1

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Bx3: after 9-10 pm the bus basically flys between Riverdale and the Heights

Bx10: I hate to love this route. The hills and turns make it an interesting route but its a bit long winded and could use some LTD service/ better headways

Bx16: Very scenic

Bx18: Short but interesting (still have to ride to the end and figure out if its a loop route or not)




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Bx4, Bx6, Bx7, Bx10, Bx9, Bx15, Bx12+SBS+[Fast and easy], Bx17, Bx19[Yeah slow but l ike it], Bx28, Bx36/LTD, Bx40/42[the 2nd Crosstown bus that long like the 12+SBS in the Bronx]




M3, M6, M10, M16, M34, M42, M96, M100[Only route thats a part of the Bronx Div lol, and also empty heading to 2nd ave when at 125], M101, M104, M106[Doesnt go all on 96th], M116




Q6, Q23, Q44/Q44LTD[i dont need to go to Flushing thru manhattan and the (7) /bronx), Q60, Q100 [it goes to Jail too and fast :P]

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(Q)(4)(4)(L)(T)(D) when school kids and people from queens hosp are not on it....from suptin to main st 15 mins


(Q)(6) from 12 am to 6 am...it the best ride home in ten mins


(Q)(7)(6) to franny lou yea!!!!!


(Q)(6)(6).....hey knightrider we just open a toys r us express there in that area thee women there are the best..!!!!!


(Q)(7) with out school kid and more buses this line would kick ass









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Brooklyn Buses

B15 JFK Branch, B38/LTD, B39, B51, B61, B77, B103.


Bronx Buses:

Bx7, Bx12(+), Bx13, Bx14, Bx15, Bx17, Bx32, Bx35, Bx36 LTD.


Manhattan Buses:

M1/LTD, M2/LTD, M3, M4/LTD, M5/LTD, M6, M7, M10, M11, M14A/D, M15 City Hall/South Ferry, M16, M20, M21, M22, M23, M27, M30, M31, M34, M35, M42 CirceLine/Javtis Center, M50, M57, M60 LGA, M66, M72, M79, M86, M96, M98 LTD, M101 LTD, M103, M104, M116.


Queens Buses:

Q3 JFK, Q5 Green Acres to Jamaica Center, Q10/LTD JFK, Q12, Q13 FT, Q16 FT. Q17/LTD, Q18, Q19, Q21, Q22, Q23, Q25/LTD, Q27 LTD, Q33 LGA, Q35, Q43 LTD, Q44 LTD, Q45 Atlas Park, Q47 LGAMAT, Q48, Q49, Q53 LTD, Q60, Q65/LTD, Q66, Q69, Q72 LGA, Q74, Q79, QBx1.


Staten Island: S51, S53, S79, S89 Bayonne, S91, S93.


Nassau County- Long Island Bus:

N2, N4, N6/LTD, N15, N19, N20 Hicksville, N22/N24 Roosevelt Field Mall, N27, N43, N80, N88.

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