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Ridiculous lateness. Someone care to explain?

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Rail Update: Northeast Corridor train #3963, the 5:01pm from New York Penn Station is now on the move operating 80 minutes late Jersey Avenue.


Sent: 7:30 PM



That has to be the most late train i've -ever- seen ever in my whole life on (NJT). How can a run that only takes 58 minutes be 1 hour 20 minutes late? :eek:


Anyone have any info on this? Brake problem? HEP? :confused:


- A

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No, it was a mechanical issue. I know the NEC is crowded, but waiting for 1.33 hours is literally beyond comprehension, even in the worst PC years delays were never that bad, it was something wrong w/ the train.


Still trying to figure out what happened!


- A

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Dear Andy,

We are replying to your feedback of 9/25/2009 regarding subject: Request for information.

I hear and appreciate your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. As a follow-up to your correspondence regarding your experience on train #3963 on September 23, 2009, I wanted to provide you with a brief summary of what transpired that evening.


The pantograph, which is the train’s connection to the overhead wires, became damaged. As a result, the train’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system was disabled and traction power was lost rendering the train unable to move. Unfortunately, subsequent passing trains did not have the capacity to accommodate the number of people on your train. Consequently, we had to assemble additional equipment and crewmembers to provide the rescue train. I recognize that this took some time, however please trust that every effort was made to expedite the rescue. For the safety of our customers, the doors couldn’t be opened for fear that someone may leave the train without authorization and wander on to the active railway. The response time will vary depending on where and when the breakdown occurs.


Again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope I’ve been able to give you an understanding of the events that transpired on the evening of September 23, 2009.


There was no need for cross- honoring for such an incident which affected train 3963.


Thank you for contacting NJ TRANSIT.



Carmine Melillo

NJ TRANSIT Customer Relations Specialist



Wow, that sucks!


- A

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I think it may have been a crack in the strip caused by a slider near that area. Several EMU and a 44 have had problems there as well, and this train is a "super express" with no stops after nwk till princeton, and it goes 100 pretty much that whole length. Small damage + high speed = this.


I'm just glad i was only calling in reference vs actually being on the train! I've been on that train tons of times, and it is full of wall st people, so i'm sure they were not happy, on the other hand i'm sure some of them may have slept the whole time.


- A

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