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Question about Gun Hill +SBS artic on other routes


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I got on the EB bx42 #5767 at Grand Concourse/East Burnside Ave, when I notice that it was running the Gun Hill Bx12+SBS NF-d60hf artic. Everything inside was with the blue rock like seats and walls, cameras and Bx12 route map and information.. My question is why is it that a non +SBS route is using these? What is replacing this bus for the +SBS on the Bx12?


Ive seen a lot of pics similar to this like one of em on the Bx22 a while ago, but curious on why are these on non-BRT route. Thanks!


Heres a pic:


East Tremont[sept 23]:


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They set apart to many buses for SBS service and 5767 was demoted back to regular service to make even on the other artic routes. It still has the SBS stuff inside in case they decide to add more service on the 12


5768 was also seconded back to regular service. Here is a clearer example (on Bx12 Local layover).



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