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'Free Metrocard transfer'?


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The 7 conductor announces at Court House Square, Metrocard transfer to G Court Square / E,V 23rd street Ely Ave station.

The F conductor announces at 63rd and Lex., Metrocard transfer to 59th and Lex 4,5,6,N,R,W station.


My question is: how do you get this 'free' transfer if you've already started your trip on a local bus? Wouldn't this be a second transfer and be charged with an additional fare. I know that years ago, there were a few locations where you could get a paper transfer upon exiting certain stations to get free entrance at another specific station such as at the end of the old Myrtle Ave. local at Bridge/Jay Street to the 'A' line.

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Free transfers are allowed from any station to these following ones, literally.


Lexington Avenue 63rd Street (F)

Lexington Avenue 59th Street (N)(R)(W)(4)(5)(6)

23rd Street Ely Avenue-Court Square (E)(G)(V)

45 Road Court House Square (7)


When you swipe your MetroCard at any station besides those listed, you get a free transfer to those listed above.


For example:


I swipe my card at Wall Street (Lexington Avenue Line) and take the (4)(5) to Lexington Avenue 59th Street in Manhattan. I can then transfer to the (F) at Lexington Avenue 63rd Street by walking four blocks north, out of system transfer. It works, (providing if two hours or more didn't pass).

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I don't consider the (F) transfer to be a real transfer since it's a 4 block walk


It is because you don't have to pay a fare to get in, providing if you have entered another station within the last two hours.

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