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Monstrous BNSF Train

Brighton Local

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I must stop photographing and driving simultaneously. Its going to get me in trouble:eek:.. Anyways, hope everyone likes. I know Harry will love the Engine;). There were 3 BNSF Locos up front (could have been Dash-9's) pulling while this single engine in the back was just pushing or taking a joyride through Arizona.











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Great photos Z. Love the freight action you get over there. It seems like a very busy line.


Do you ever see any other rail photographers on that line?



Thanks guys! I believe im the only one photographing ( at least when Im driving or around). However, when Im stopped at a red light, and Im snapping away, people look at me, and give me the " what the hell is he doing " look? lol:D

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nice pics we dont get to see bnsf too often here on the east coast.

Actually, you might see a few BNSF locos in a yard in Kearny. You can see it from a PATH train to Newark blowing pass through there. They don't come to play often though, just to do little moves. There was a time where one freight train that passes close by me used to be led by a BNSF loco.

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