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Former PBL photos [from 2004-5] 56k warning.

Grand Concourse

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Awesome pics dude of the classics!! I miss the Queens Surface and Green Line a lot! -_-bZZ


Thanks! As do i, i wished they kept the classics around longer...


Slammin pics! They bring back lots of memories of me busfanning back then.


And LOL at that arrow and "paper sign pocket" on 5518. Plus I see that GBL oddball 648.


Thanks! Yup. I was lucky to have caught that at the end of the day too.

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Nice photos!


Wow those GMC RTS look like they are on life support.


Anyways nice pics.


Those PBL GMC RTS weren't that bad, they didn't look very nice but those buses hauled ass! In their old age those PBL GMC can outrun most of these 1999 RTS running out there today.

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Wow a blast from the past great shots :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:


An RTS on the Q65, I haven't seen that in a while.


I miss those JBL RTSs (with the vertical tail lights), I remember my street used to have the NYCT RTSs (JAM Q85) and the JBL RTSs (QM21) as well as those old JBL MCIs (QM21) it was a nice color diversity, I loved the way those old MCIs sounded.


Jamaica, Queens used to have a wide diversity of buses, all different models and colors.

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Damn! Nice shots, they were all great but this one stuck out the most to me

Command-NYBS shot


thanks, i only wished i had resized it better. I'll try to get the original image and re-edit it to replace this one.


And to everyone:

Thanks for the replies!

Also apologies for the quality of some images. When i originally resized them, they were like 612x400 or something like that and I wanted them all to be at least 800x600. So that's why they look so pixilated.

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Aah, the memories... BTW, nice pics of the GMC Fishbowl. Did it run in regular service or something? Or was it a rarely-used bus that frequently broke down?


Not quite sure, I never rode it except for the one time heading to Pelham Bay Park. I'm sure someone else knows more than me.

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