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Has anyone ever had this guy as their conductor


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Has anyone ever had this conductor. He seems like he's always working the (N) train. He's great. He kinda wake's you up after work. To me he definitely lives in Brooklyn.




I got him a few times during morning rush. It really makes me wake up on the R68s without the caffeine! :)

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He reminds me of a C/R that worked the E back in 2001 when I started. I hated he ansments. they were long and slow. When we came into 42-8 this is how he did he tranisfers, "Transfer to the A train, C train, N train, R Train, Q train, 1 train, 2 train, 3 train, 9 train and the Shuttle train to Grand Centrel." We would sit at every station, when he made the "Stand Clear of the Closing doors Please." It would still take him 10 to 15sec to closes down. Now if some one get in the way you couse just count anouther 20sec after he reopened. I alway picked a 4 triper. I booked sick one day becouse I did not want to deal with him the day before my RDO's



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looks like he works but no on the B line.

Defenetely I heard this voice before.


On the B line there is a conductor who sais

"...and the Looooooong Island Railroad"


In summer 2001 I've heard about some singing conductor in Amtrak

Some NY-CArolina route

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