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Vehicle Numbering


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I would be interested to learn whether and how your local system numbers it's vehicles and whether there is any discernible pattern to it. Below are a few articles about vehicle numbering, I would venture a guess that the predominant theme would be basing it on year purchased or order if there are frequently many in the same year, perhaps vehicle type and then of course a final number to differentiate from each other. Are there any other methods?







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In NYC They just number the buses based on what is avalible. Suffolk County however is a different story.


9600's=1996 Gillig Phantom

9700's=1997 Gillig Phantom

9900's=1999 Orion V

2000's=2000 Gillig Phantom

5000's=2005 Gillig Phantom

8000's=2008 Gillig BRT.


There is also an order of Orion VII NG's coming in next year so I'm guessing they will use the 1000's for those.

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