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OHNY 10th/11th SubStation/Atlantic Av Tunnel Tour


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As you guys know next weekend October 10th and 11th will be OpenHouse New York.

As part of OpenHouse NY 350 Behind the Scene-Tour & Events ALL FREE, there going to be two events take place in subway systems.


Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, The

SW corner of Court St & Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

neighborhood: Cobble Hill


Sat:11 am

Sun:11 am

Sat & Sun tour, 11 am

Reservations required: atlantic.ave.tunnel@gmail.com. Closed toed shoes and flashlight required. Reservation begins tomorrow at 9am October 2nd.

Maximum people: 60 per tour

building date: 1844

architect: unknown


Officially the world's oldest subway tunnel, it was constructed in seven months using only hand tools and primitive equipment. It was built to provide grade separation for early Long Island Rail Road trains that

lacked brakes good enough to operate on city streets.


Subway: (2)(3)(4)(R) to Borough Hall-Court St

Bus: B25, B37, B38, B41, B45, B51, B52, B65, B103.


(MTA) Substation

225 W 53rd St/ Broadway , New York

neighborhood: Midtown


Sat:11 am, 1 pm- (11am tour is not sure b/c museum calender says 10am.)

opendialogue Sat 11 am, 1 pm tours with Robert Lobentstein, General Superintendent Power of Operations of NYC MTA Transit.

Maximum people: 25 per tour- First come first basic.

building date: 1901, opened 1904

architect: Heins & LaFarge

other architects/consultants: William Barclay Parsons, McKim, Mead & White


Take a rare opportunity to tour a power station hidden beyond an unassuming façade. Awe-inspiring machinery awaits.


subway: (E) to 50th Street

bus: M5, M6, M7, M10, M11, M27, M31, M50, M57, M104


Pickup OpenHouseNY brochure at following:

NYC Visititor Center at 7th Av/53rd St, Times Sq Alliance, Canal St Triangle, City Hall, Studio Museum at Harlem.

I plan to go to both events.


One more event.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park Trolley Tour

Flushing Meadow-Corona Park, Queenns Calvert Circle, adjacent to the Olmstead Center.

Subway: (7) to Mets-Willets Point

Bus: Q48 to Roosevelt Av/Grand Central Parkway

Reservation require: (718) 846-2731

Details from Park Ranger "Outdoor":

Hop onboard a trolley and enjoy a free Ranger-guided tour of the park that Robert Moses made famous. 1-hour tours start at 10, 11am and 12, 1pm. Space is limited.



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With Japanese guest, we took <7> express to Queensboro Plaza for Coney Island-bound (N) local to 57th St, use 55th St exit and we joined the OHNY line at (MTA) Substation #13! It was around 10:00, and it was maxium 25, however due to popular and powerful tour for OHNY, site extend to 35 maxium per (which we manage to get in.


Next, we took (N) local to 34th St-Herald Sq and I made 12pm OHNY reservation for BBG Design Studio at Empire State Building, but I could not get up to site b/c I did not had photo ID. We made meeting place there.

Since I couldn't walk up, I went to Kip's Bay Tower (friend who used to live there.).


Next, after that tour, I took pic of photos in Community Room, and took M16 ride to 5th Av for meeting Nao at 13:15.


We had made quick lunch at BK, then walk to Church of Transfiguration, followed by P.S. 260,

At 5th Av-25th St, M5 came perfect timing, so we took that to 5th Av/14th St, where radio shock had cheap battery and for apprexiation, he bought me battery.

We took downtown (4) local to Wall St and we went seperate way.

I took (4) to Brooklyn Bridge/Chambers St, (J) to Canal St, (Q) local to 28th St and went back to P. S. 260 to take pic.

Right next door, Marble Collegiate Church, and around 16:30, I took quick M3 ride from 27th to 35th Sts for New Church.

After that, I took (6) to Grand Central for 149th St-bound (5) to 86th St, perfect timing with M86 to 5th Av, and walk to MET Museum for my dinner.

Around 19:00, I went to 5th Av/80th St, took M1 bus to 5th Av-59th St for 34th St-bound (R).

Conductors on 34th St-bound (R) was most funniest ever.

When (R) was approaching 34th St, transfer from local track to express track, light went out for while due to train delays, and went back on.

Friendly T/O said "Thank you for helping me." as I was heading to Queens-bound (E) via (F), not (V). I forgot it was reverse.


Sunday Report will be coming. PLEASE Enjoy for now.

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Sunday, October 11th Event.

With different Japanese Guest, Yama, we took <7> EXP to 61st St-Woodside, I took video of LIRR M7 arriving Woodside as Long Beach Train, and Q53 LTD was leaving soon.

We took Q53 LTD to Jamaica Bay Widlife Refuge, (new addition for OHNY.)

We went around the West Pond for 1 hour and almost 20 minutes.

We were so exhauted and maybe (S) Bus might pick up, but did not.


Next we got on empty Q21 bus ride, and we miss our stop Noel Rd, so we got off 11th Rd and we walk back up to Noel Rd, and NG on (A) Shuttle Bus almost missed us, but manage to get on.

We paid on farebox at SOS Gate at Howard Beach-JFK Airport and took R46 (A) to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, follow by (G) to Begen St, local (F) Shuttle Bus to 4th Av-9th St for B77 to Conover St (last stop), and walk south toward the rier.

We visited Waterfront Museum (originally freigh barge).

Next, we walk up and there was Brooklyn Trolleys that AM New York reported that Red Hook wanted trolley to operate. Right now, they need more growth in their developrovement area to have trolley operate.


Next, we took IKEA (S) Bus to 4th Av-9th St, (D) local to Union St.


Next we went to Brooklyn Lyrum, then took (N) local to Pacific St-Atlantic Av for (4) to Bowling Green.

We went to Alexandrai Hamilton & Smithonian National Indian America Museum and we visited special exhibition.

Next, nice security let us into Custom Office as part of OHNY for five minutes b/c he was closing it.


After that, we walk to Governors Island and took 15:30 ferry to Governors Island.

We went near Castle William and Ft. Jay, then took 18:30 botat back to Manhattan.


After that, we took M15 LTD which made detour by U-turn at SIFT to South St to Robert Wagner Place/Pear-Water Sts, then M104 to 3rd Av for (7) home.


Do you know what happened on M15 LTD tonight?

Whle B/O was preparing to lift wheelchair, I believe tourist jump off the moving lift.



Photo report will be coming soon as possible.


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