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Wrong address, no interview


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So I do the right thing by changing my address by mail twice in the past two years, LONG before they send me an interview letter. They still send it to the previous address. Both times I had to come in person for them to change my name on ALL the lists and not just DCAS. The first time was harder because I lived in North Carolina. Why do they tell you to do it by mail if they don't change the address on all lists? The clerk told me "that happens a lot" and well you still have 4 years to be on the list. Is that seriously how they do people? I waited over a year which is okay because people wait that long, but I miss TWO interview appointments because somebody forgets to change the address on all the lists. I don't know.....too bad so sad, keep on waiting kind of sucks to hear. Sorry for venting. :cry:

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Be a PAIN IN @SS to dcas.. If you have the green certified mailing cared all the better!

Tell them you want to be restored to the top of the list since your number has already passed. You followed the correct procedure & they screwed up. Asking about filing a formal complaint & restoration of your seniority & you'll get somewhere..

A friend had his file/jacket 'Set Aside' for 9 months & he wound up in my class..

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