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My Lucky Trip- Bus Festival & Atlantic Antic(firework report included)


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Two guests heading to Manhattan, we got on front car of Times Sq-bound (7) #1810 departed Junction Blvd @ 9:05.

I went seperate and got off at 74th St-Broadway @ 9:09.

Total time: 4 minutes.


I got on Herald Sq-bound (E) local #9218 departed Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av @ 9:18, arriving 42nd St-Bryant Park @ 9:40.

Total time: 22 minutes.


I got on front of Coney Island-bound (D) local #2738 departed 9:44, arrive West 4th St @ 9:52.

Total time: 8 minutes.


I got on front of World Trade Center-bound (C) #3864 departed 9:54, arrive World Trade Center @ 10:01.

Total time: 7 minutes.


I rush to front end of Chambers St (A)C()platform , got video of (C) leaving WTC, and got on front car of Far Rockaway (A) Brooklyn Local #5470 departed 10:09, arrive Hoyt-Schermerhorn @ 10:18. Again, I caught video of (A) and (G) at same time.

Total time: 9 minutes.


I walk west on Schermerhorn St to Boerum Place, and I saw lots of fan listening to bus operators's lecture (properly you guys)


Around lunch time, I walk east on Atlantic Av checking out Atlantic Artics street fair for first time. They were doing karate demenstration, then walk all the way to near (;)(Q)(E), then I bought pizza slice from Reginella Pizza Slice, and when I put on table, I accidently drop it, and nice owners gave me replacing slice. After little taste, I gave tip, then walk east back all the way to Flatbush Av. I took pic of Atlantic Av stationhouse and buses around area.

One of ranger vendor told me about event about 100th Anniversary of Firework. I also stop by at Karate to watch free class lesson. I took took pic/video of street fair also.

Then, I walk back to Bus Festival, where I saw Chinese couples sming as female bus operator on 5th Av Coach Company on southbound Boerum Pl side was enjoy in.

When I enter NYCTM, there was guided tour, so I joined tour. Sometimes I like to join tour, that was my first time on tour at transit museum, then after tour ended, I quickly went to to restroom, which was almost like subway restroom, dirty on restroom floor, took pic of LIRR 175th Anniversary photo right way, then rush to front lobby for last 15:30 because I miss the first half part. While waiting for Charles, tour guide, I met Forest Glen. I enjoy the tour.

After that tour ended, I thought I could make it to MET Museum, but by the time I enter Borough Hall-Court St, I realize I couldn't make it.

I walk to Court St (R) platfrom and got on front car of Forest Hills (R) Queens Exp #5492 departed 16:23, arrive Whitehall St @ 16:27.

Total time: 4 minutes.


I went to take pic of new SF station, saw friend, took quick pic of signal board, then got on front car of Bronx-bound (1) #2271 @ 16:49, arrive Chambers St @ 16:54.

Total time: 5 minutes.


I got on front car of New Lots Av-bound (3) #1340 departed 16:58, arrive Borough Hall @ 17:08.

Total time: 10 minutes.

When I turn right at Smith St, vintage buses were leaving, so I cross street quickly and take pics of buses leaving.


After all buses and (MTA) trucks left, I headed toward firework in 33rd Street's Territory at park near FDR Drive at Cherry/Jackson Avs.


I got on front car of Inwood-bound (A) #5266 via (F) departed Hoyt-Schermerhorn @ 18:01, arrive Broadway-Lafayette @ 18:11.

Total time: 10 minutes.


Just at that moment, there was announcement downtown (D) arriving West 4th St, and it was lucky and I got on front car of Coney Island-bound (D) local #2532 departed 18:16, arrive Grand St @ 18:18.


Next, I walk east o Grand St to to Essex Sts where FDR-bound M14A MJQ #5598 Artic departed 18:47, arrive Grand St/FDR @ 18:54.

Total time: 7 minutes.


I ask people walking in the park for direction for firework, which nice person direct me across the bridge.


Firework wasn't until 20:15, but as I was eating snack, I saw firework started 19:30. I did not have time because my cell phone was low on battery, so I used big DUCK clock, and rush where I saw M14A turning, and M14A B/O saw me, and he kindly let me on close to 2nd stop, Cherry & Jackson Sts which #1083 departed @ 19:37, arrive Essex/Delancey Sts @ 19:45. I was thinking maybe I could see firework from (J) over Willaimsburg Bridge.

Total time: 8 minutes.


Just soon as I enter, I made to front car of Jamaica Center-bound (J) #8368 departed Essex St @ 19:47, arrive Myrtle Av-Broadway @ 19:56.

Total time: 9 minutes.

(J) T/O told the (M) operator I am train bluff and I told them I was at bus festival. I show him the pic of Double-Decker Bus, but at moment, battery exhauted again. No luck. I got on (J) too early.


Then I got on front car of Metropolitan Av (M)(S) #8560 departed 20:03, arrive Wyckoff-Myrtle Avs @ 20:07, where I saw (M) T/O the pic of 5th Av Coach Company and he gave me smile.

Total time: 4 minutes.


Soon as I got to (L) platform, front car of 8th Av-bound (L) #8309 departed 20:11, arrive Lorimer St @ 20:20.

Total time: 9 minutes.


Next, I walk to Metropolitan Av platform, I thought it was going to be longer wait, but it wasn't.

When I sit down on front car side of Court Sq-bound (G) side, (G) showed up and got on front car #5636 departed 20:23, arrive Court Sq @ 20:32.

Total time: 9 minutes.


Next, I rush walk on airport style escalator to 23rd St-Ely Av where I got on front car of amaica Center-bound (E) express #9373 via (V) departed 20:36, arrive Queens Plaza @ 20:37.

Total time: 1 minute.


I want to check out (R) express, so it came in perfect timing and got on front car of Forest Hills (R) exp #5670 departed 20:39 and arrive Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av @ 20:42.

Total Time: 3 minutes.


I wave to the employee area, and when I climb to MEZZ platform, elevator was crowded, so I took one more flight up to upper mezz and waiting for Flushing (7)-bound elevator. I was so tired from walking the longest Atlantic Artics street fair and I manage to fit because of my child side.

I got on Flushing-bound (7) #1904 departed 20:58, arrive Junction Blvd @ 20:01.

Total time: 3 minutes.


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