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I'm doing a project, and I have to make a chart. So im comparing

All the info gathered.

I'm surveying all the lines.


So here its is-

What Line do you take?,

How many stations do you pass. And how long did that ride last? (mins).




(S) shuttles too.

thank you.

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1 of 4, depends on weather and LIRR commute:


®/(W) 34th/Herald to 23rd, 2 stops, ~2-3 min


(1)/(2)/(3) 34th/Penn to 42nd/Times Sq ➔ (S) to GC ➔ (6) to 23rd, 5 stops, ~10-15 min


(7)/<7> Hunterspoint Ave to GC ➔ (6) to 23rd, 5 stops, ~10-20 min


On a really bad LIRR day: (E) to 53rd/Lex ➔ (6) to 23rd, 11 actual and 11 skipped stops, ~30-40 min

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(A) train: 19 or 20 stops (from Beach 67th St to West 4th St): about 55 mins.


Time varies from 52 minutes middays and weekends to 1 hour and 2 minutes during some rush hour trips.


20 stops (including B67th and W4th) when Aqueduct Racetrack is open.


Return journey these days involves a transfer to the Rockaway Park (S) shuttle, two stops (Broad Channel and Beach 90th St), about 4 minutes.

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