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Anyone know what model controller this is?

Eric B

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OK, just happened to catch this in the little pictures on the index page.

I always liked these controllers. They look like single hand ("cineston") plastic versions of the GE controllers used on many of the subway "SMEEs" with the brake handle. Like the other controller, NYAB, had it's two hand SMEE version in the Phase II R32's, and the CI R42's, and it had its single hand version on the R46's. So then you have the two hand GE's on the Phase I 32's, 38's, 62's, 127's and all MK rebuilds, and this single hand version on M1-6 or whatever.

But I had no way of finding out what they were. Last year, I even tried asking the LIRR personnel at Flatbush the number for Hillside and they wouldn't give it to me (even after showing my pass). I also once asked a conductor who didn't know, and have not had time to get around to an engineer (don;t ride that often).


Since these are fairly similar to the Westcodes on the R44's (which I could never stand because of the popup danger), I always wished they would replace them with these (disable that fourth point of power they seem to have, of course). Or, replace the controllers on the 62's and 68's, and completely eliminate brake handles!

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