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Roll Sign Fun at Brighton Beach


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I love when rollsigns/destination signs etc are messed up.


My favorite on (NYCT) was a chambers bound R32 (E) signed up as a (N) back in 2006.


My favorite on (NJT) was a car that kept telling us the next stop was bay head, when the train was NYP bound


On PATH they had a train that looked like they slammed it into service last minute from a yard, every car on the train was a different destination, HOB, NWK, WTC, 33rd, JSQ, 33rd via hob, i think they were working on the indicators and they were not synced up or something, the lead and tail cars had the right indication, but the rest were all over the place. :cool:


- A

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Nice shots!!! And my favorite one is the R32 sign I caught that said Jamaica-179 St to Hoyt-Schemerhorn (spelling???) and the line was the (H) Rockaway shuttle. Look in my gallery for that one.

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That train wasn't in service.


yeah plus the pics are outside i can tell.


Nice pics!


I wish it was (D) Coney Island/Coney Island. That means it won't move, unles it was move up and back.. Back and forth LOL ;)

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