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Train drags half-naked mooner along tracks


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BERLIN - A German man mooning railway staff in a departing train got his trousers caught in a carriage door and ended up being dragged half naked along the platform, out of the station and onto the tracks.


The 22-year-old journalism student shoved his backside against the window of a low-slung double-decker train when staff forced him off in Lauenbrueck for traveling without a ticket, a spokesman for police in the northern city of Bremen said.


"It's a miracle he wasn't badly hurt," the spokesman said on Monday. "This sort of thing can end up killing you."


Instead, dangling by his trousers, the man got pulled along for about 200 meters, all the while managing to keep his legs away from the wheels of the train.


The ordeal ended when a passenger pulled the emergency brake. Rescue services were called in, causing rail service between Bremen and Hamburg to be suspended for over an hour, delaying 23 trains.


The man — unharmed except for cuts and bruises — now faces charges of dangerous interference in rail transport and insulting the train staff and may face a sizeable compensation claim for the delays he caused, police said.


"He was full of remorse when I talked to him," the spokesman said. "And he advised others not to try the same thing."




imagine that? he's going to face charges of dangerous interference and insulting train staff! if this happened on a subway in nyc, the mta would be at fault and would get sued for millions. our city is backwards. :tdown:

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What a jackass! Karma wasted no time screwing him over :tup:


this is why when you screw up (not having a ticket and get kicked off), just suck it up that you did the wrong thing and move on.

getting angry just makes you do stupid things.

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See, this is why you always pay your fare. Now if only this nation was not so pu**ified, and transit companies could fine people for delaying service and interfearing with operations.

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