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Radio stations we enjoy

EE Broadway Local

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These are some of my favorite radio stations:



KMLE 108 FM Country and Western Music

KNIX 102.5FM Country and Western Music

KSLX 100.7FM Classic Rock

KOOL 94.5FM Oldies


On The Computer:

WCBS 101.1FM Mr. Bob Shannon. Nice to listen to when visiting NYC Transit Forums

Q104 FM


CA 1053 Canberra, ACT Alot of American Oldies; Interesting Australian commercials and dee jays.

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I hate regular radio, only for 1010wins and 880am

Sirius all the way

1. howard 100 & 101

2. shade45 (hip hop)

3. hip hop nation 40 (hip hop)

4. backspin 39 (old school hip hop)

5. the strobe 81 (dance/disco)

6. 80's 8

7. 90's 9

8. sirius xm chill 35 (elec/dance)

9. area 38 (elec/dance)

10. watercolors 72 (smooth jazz)


ever since i went to satellite i can't go back to reg radio, too many commercials and same ol music over and over and over....boring

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770 WABC (Talk Radio)



101.9 WRXP Rock

102.3 WBAB Classic Rock (Long Island only)

104.3 WAXQ Classic Rock


I miss KROCK they had good music, new stuff that you wouldnt hear elsewhere, not the tired old 40 or 50 overplayed classic rock songs.

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