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NJT completely re-designs website!


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The site appears to be VERY slow at my end here. Earlier, I couldn't get in.


Good for customers, bad for us railfans, as the service advisory information must be done by line, and I don't know what will become of the upcoming schedules they used to post.

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Vista-ized? The site's design has nothing to do with the GUI of windows, however it is more ascetically pleasing. Now if only :septa: would do something similar.


I like that i can press the arrow down key and switch to the next section sans clicking, and ticket/fare flexibilities are very well explained and easy to find. For the first time ever i now know a monthly pass for newark from trenton is all i need vs buying light rail and bus tickets since those are 2 zones where i ride & the pass is 12 zones. Monthly for my girlfriend is only 60 from hoboken (hoboken 3 zones to ewr vs 1 from nwk) but the same price when not via sec on the :njc:. Will save us tons and lots of money and time, no more running to the ticket validator either!


- A

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