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Bus fanning in Crown Heights, Bed Stuy and Riverdale (56K)


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Awesome pics!


Awseome Pics! I love the Bx7/20 on those NGs :cool:

Thanks! I agree its nice seeing KB with new equipment!

sweet shots! I just dont agree with the AD on the front of the NGs like that..take those things off and put them on the back where they belong!!!

Thanks! I agree, they do that in MTA bus leave the front of the buses ad free. :cool:

Great photos.I really have to post some myself.Those NG`S are running the bronx.


Great pics!


Great pics! Always cool to see the buses at the Junction and how are the 8400's on the ENY routes?

Thanks! I didn't get to ride an ex FLA 8400 on an ENY route yet. :P

Excellent pics I am not to happy seeing 8424 at ENY. I have heard that 8423 is at ENY as well.

Thanks, I'm just glad its still running lol

Slammin pics!



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i wish flatbush would put ngs on the 46. its boring with just rts smh


They do put NGs on the B46 but its hard to find them, I cought it this past summer....






I noticed that Quite a few NON camara RTS run on the B46, I see 9600s on that route all the time, seen one on there today. I'm sure one of these days out of nowhere a bunch of NGs will pop up on that route, like what happend to the Q44...

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