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favorite amtrak electric locomotive


favorite amtrak electric locomotive  

  1. 1. favorite amtrak electric locomotive

    • HHP8
    • AEM7
    • Acela
    • E60
    • GG1

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Lord knows I love the AEM-7 but since they were rebuilt, they suck! They're like so boring. I think Septa AEM-7s looks better. I wish they were more colorful. Other news, when Amtrak had GG-1's I think they had the right idea when they painted them silver with red hoods and a blue strip. Imagine seeing a GG-1 in Phase 3, or 4 paint? I wish. I'm not to sure about phase 5. Why? AEM-7, that's why.

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I voted acela, because i VERY OFTEN get to walk past them, or have one stop or go through a station i'm at, and yea, they are either a blur lasting 5 seconds, or they are slow and very loud humming with all that streamlined power under gleaming stainless steel.


This however does not mean i do not have great affection for other electric locomotive equipment, such as the GG1, and even the AEM7! :cool:


- Andy

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