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Baby falls to train track; Survives..

Brighton Local

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I'm sorry but if youre the parent you have to be retarded. No stroller rolls away so instantly you can't do something about it. And parents shouldn't really be taking strollers on trains anyway. I know that someday when I'm a father I am going to carry my kid with me until he is big enough to walk for himself because it is the safest way to do it.


And if you do bring a stroller don't forget to "set a handbrake" ;)

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Holy..... :eek::eek::confused::confused::eek::eek:


The reaction of the mother, she totally thought the baby was gone. If you have a stroller, have a hand firmly on it, or set the brake!


I don't think the kid should be shown the footage till mid-late tens, might disturb them.


That's why i tell folks to stop making out, tickling each other, standing back facing tracks & talking to co-worker/friend, fiddling with device, with stroller, on phone coffee cup in hand limbs over the side, and move back from the edge of the platform. Trains are not toys, they are large heavy equipment that demand respect at all times. Train stations are not playhouses, they require awareness and read the huge lettering and signs that say keep back from the edge.


- A

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Yup, it's a miracle all right. I cannot believe the stroller actually managed to protect the baby from the train. The mom should be real careful from now on.


By the way, why is this in the US Transit Forums section. I thought it happened in Melbourne, Australia. Perhaps it should be moved to World Transit Forums or Off-Topic Lounge.

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