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Shots and Videos of the Lo-Vs Special |Oct 17, 2009


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These are photos i took from the IRT's Low Voltage Car Special from Oct 16, 2009. Videos are included below:


Train ran from Grand Centra(7:15PM)l to 161st/River Ave Yankees(30min After), then relay up at 167th St M track then went to 149th Street for another free ride, back to 161st, ended there. Relayed back to 167th down to 138th St and cross to the WPR Line and went to the East 239th St Yd.


Enjoy! I dunno when the next one is, if there is one..









Videos: Low-V at 138th St/Grand Concourse > Low-V passes Prospect Avenue on the WPR Line. Not in Service




Double click the videos to watch in Wide HD via Youtube.com! Rate and subscribe too please!

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(W)hoa (C)© Sabathia ;)he's in that car right ;)

Nice catch (M)


Thanks KR and whos that, unless its a friend


Nice pics and vids!


Great job with the pics!


Thanks guys! :tup:

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Wonderful pics and vids!


Thanks Curtis! =)


Slammin pics!


If you are wondering, C.C. Sabathia is a Yankees pitcher.


Thanks, dunno which guy is he but cool. Shouldnt he been in the game?

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