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Pick Your Best Transit Photo - One (1) Photo only


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Quite a few of you have taken numerous photos of trains, buses, and other transit types over the years.


What I would like to see is what you consider to be your best transit photo ever. Post it here and give a little description of what it is and why you consider it to be your pièce de résistance, or your best ever in layman's terms.


There's only one rule to follow: POST ONLY ONE PHOTO! It can be from any country, any city (New York too), anywhere.


Here's mine, which I recently took. It is a photo of the signal mast at the Gambetta station on the Paris Métro #3 line. I just love how all the different colors just blended together to make a very nice photo for a little $149 point and shoot camera.


P.S. I hope that I chose the proper forum for this post.



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I've posted this one before but this is one of my favorites I've ever taken because of the time of day, and the sky color which almost matches the LED. It's a simple shot, but it has a cool feel to it to me, very laid back end of the work day kind of feel:



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Wow, each one of you has posted an impressive photo!


Y2 - the combined dusk and slow shutter speed just made for an excellent photo. The quality of the camera doesn't hurt either! ;)


Trainfan - the pic of the train is nice, but it's the tangled weave of overhead wires and steel that makes that photo.


lrg - if there wasn't a visible background in that pic, I would've sworn that it was taken out in a field somewhere. The weeds give it a little extra oomph.


KR - good photo of a train going two ways at once, plus there aren't too many 68A's over there any more.


R160 - excellent optical illusion! Not only did you get a good headlight twinkle, but the photo makes the circle (6) look like it's only one car long!


Subway - wow, that sky doesn't even look like a sky! That's a nice, rustic photo.

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This particular one, that I haven't posted anywhere yet. It shows perfectly how 2 things are very much special to me. Of course the city background, and the LI locos. I feel that the railroad is much more important to me, rather than city transit. Of course it's only my preference. N'joy! :tup:



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Outstanding pics


<Q>25 That was my other shot but with A 68 that was my dilemma choosen it


Y2J your pic is vivid I love seeing the next station :tup:


(M)aniac <6>(6) :tup::tup: I always liked those turn shots right?


Irg it's true looked like you was chillin in your back yard:p


(S)ubway (G)uy hit it right on the nail ,That pic says just that.


(T)(T)(C) very Triboro I like I like:tup:


Backline looks like Rush hour looming nice assemble formation

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This pic is hot! The essence of grayscale always captures me for some reason. Nice shot for sure!


Irg it's true looked like you was chillin in your back yard:p


Thanks (K)<R> lol, I wish this train was in my backyard....

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