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Favorite Subway Cars and why

R68 Subway Car

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1) R68s and R68As: I have always loved these cars for the design and the propulsion and brakes and ride.


2) R62s and R62As: My favorite cars on the IRTs for the propulsion and design.


3) R32: I love the old school design and the solidness of this car.


4) R46: I love the design and propulsion of these cars.


5) R44: I do not know why but I have come to like the R44s. I know they are not great but they have great propulsion noises and brake noises and if the R44s were not structurally falling apart they would look better.


6) R160A and R160B: I love the modern design of the cars and the propulsion sounds. I only wish it had the railfan window.


7) R142, R142A, R143: Great cars and design.


8) R42MK Rebuilds: Great cars and solid, compared to its CI counterparts.


Whats yours?

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My favorites


R44-greatest of all time

207th street rebuild for its propulsion sound

Morrison-Knudsen rebuild for its smooth ride and rebuild quality


R142-for its smooth ride,truck design and subtle european feel interior

R142A-for its fast acceleration,Technical soundness,made in Japan


Anyone else noticed the R44 (NYCT) rebuild propulsion sound like a jet engine.(NYCT) could have done a better job on that model during GOH 1991-1992.(NYCT)rebuilds are falling apart faster than M-K`S.

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Although the R32's (rebuilt with a/c), were my favorite in recent times, I would have to say the R1-R9's were the greatest of all time.

They set the real standard for the New York City subway. Even today, if you compare their basic configuration with the latest R160's, there really isn't that much difference. And they were designed some 80 years ago!

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1. R160 - I love modern, I also love the black at the front and end of each train.


2. R32 - I always rode these on the (E), I liked them because they were different from the other subway cars.


3. R46 - These also showed up on the (E), I really liked the seats.


4. R40 - I never knew why these were retired, when I first saw them (about 2006) I thought they were brand new, I liked the slant design.


5. R?? (Redbirds) - These always intrigued me, I loved the red.



My favorite subway car of all time is the PA-5.

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