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The Bee's are Buzzin'!


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  • 2 weeks later...
Excellent vids!
Thanks Curtis!


Great videos my favorite Bus!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Articulated450.. Not to be nitpicky but isn't 450 an Orion? Jk!


Nice stuff from the Bee - Line kingdom, :)!

Saw few on Friday around 3pm on my Short Line ride...


3:14 - One Travelling Westbond on Thruway.

3:21 - One at White Plains Transit Center.

3:26 - One on Tarrytown Rd.

3:34 - One Trvelling South on Route 120.



I just love that repeated hissing some buses, (especially those artics), make at times. It's that sound in the second video on that W60 bus.........
Yup, that bus sounded pissed off!


(D)o you have (A) paper rolled up :)

(N)ice bee-line action

Thanks KnightRider, I need to get a paper before cops get me off gaurd finally, been getting away with it for a year and 9 months!
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