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Some Shots From Earlier Today

Fresh Pond

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Ok I went to a few T-mobile stores to search for a memory card and it ended up turning into a little shuttle busfanning. Well here they are for today...













BTW: this was talked about in another thread. To me the look like 2 (5)(5). I looked at them on my phone, PSP & computer and looks like (5)'s

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Cool pics! You caught the same thing i caught last week. Tho mine was KB-4382... Which is the thread you mentioned: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13769


I knew it was (5)(5). It doesnt look like (5)(S)


Im guessing the newer NGs being produced are coming with this. I dunno. So far KB has it.

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Thanks. And I didn't even know the newer NGs no longer have the push bar on the back door.


I realized that when I got on 4434, I was used to the CS NGs with the bars.


I liked the bars, I pressed the tape thing on 4434 because I didn't know it sensed motion until now.

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