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M-8 Discussion

St Louis Car 09

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Eh, the M2's are being replaced by the initial order. I meant the additional 38 ones that ENY was talking about.


Yes part of those 38 cars are barcar sets. I believe the other cars will be used as spares and later for Shore Line East service.

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The M8s run on theses trains:








1375 (arrives on Track 108 in GCT)

1570 (Track 109 in GCT)

1370 (Track 108 in GCT)
















And also:


The New Haven Yankee Clipper*


*M8s not guaranteed on trains with this mark.

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I caught 1594 out last night. I forget the car number, but the bathroom door handle assembly was fouled (probably from being slammed and jammed) and the latch wouldn't catch, thereby rendering the sliding bolt and the occupancy indicator useless. With a train full of morons (yeah, I'm judgmental), the lock has its merits. Between that, the black shoe streaks all over the lower few feet of the walls and the seat backs from people throwing their feet all over the damn place and the abandoned debris that I've seen accumulate now that the trains are older than, like, an hour, I'm just really disappointed at how riders abuse the equipment. The fare-paying sloths who pissed and moaned for the longest at how the existing equipment was crap are the same classless loudmouths who always and always leave their trash on and under the seats of the old trains.


Human beings, or at least Americans, particularly the disrespectful, self-righteous @ssh0les that have infested this region. I didn't expect these trains to remain so spotless for all that long, and I've been vocal about how people were going to ruin the new cars with their sloth. Now, if I ruled the world, I'd cancel the rest of the order and issue a press release to tell people to stop leaving their shhhhhhit and poop all over the place. The new cars are already turning into back alley dumpers.

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The MTA is set to award Kawasaki a contract for 25 M8 single cars in a single car (S-Car) configuration, and issue a change order to modify the data communications systems on the previously ordered 380 M8 cars.


(MTA) Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line is the busiest commuter line in the country, providing more than 120,000 passenger rides daily. It is operated by MNR under agreement with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT), which provides for joint decision-making responsibility for acquisition of rolling stock. CDOT is responsible for 65% of the cost of new rolling stock.


In August 2006, a contract was awarded to Kawasaki for a base order of 210 M8 cars, with options for an additional 170. These 380 cars are configured as ‘A ‘and ‘B’ cars coupled in married pairs.


In recent years, the New Haven Line operations have been challenged by the combination of an aging fleet of poor performing M2, M4, and M6 cars. On average, more than 30% of the fleet was out of service from January through March 2011.


The purchase of 25 single cars, above the already purchased 380 cars, will allow MNR and CDOT to replace the entire fleet of aging M4, and M6’s.


Page 160 http://www.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/110725_0830_MNRLI.pdf



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This post is for anyone who knows fleet assignments:


With 3 M8 8-car trains in service as of now, I would like to know the current M8 assignments.


PS: I saw gregorygrice's post of fleet assignments when there were two M8 8-car trains in service.


The M8s still run on the same train #s just a couple of added ones. I will post an update when I record the additions.

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